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Cultivated through a wide range of fresh ingredients and culinary expertise, we promise only the best dishes

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Had a lunch date here and absolutely loved it. Great mexican dishes and they have a cute store for your pantry needs. I was so full, had to walk it off and prices are good too.

Good food in the heart of the world!!!!!! When these places taco it is an actual taco( Be for I get attacked: I know hard shells are not original tacos. They do have the original taco but I prefer hard shell.) Only people who traveled outside of home country will understand what it is like to have things called one thing and then you’re presented another. 

A Few Words About Us

You can come to our restaurant every day for a delicious breakfast buffet. On the buffet, you can find for example: Fresh coffee and tea.

In our restaurant, we serve (almost) every afternoon a lunch buffet from 12.00 o’clock till 13.30 (except on Saturday and Sunday). 

It is possible to have dinner a la carte in our restaurant. We serve a special menu for groups. Except our extensive menu card, with by example our Valkdishes, we also serve seasonal dishes. 

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Our Food Policy

Keeping with our people-first approach, the ongoing health and safety of our customers and team members remains our top priority as the pandemic continues to impact communities we serve.

In addition to continuing to reinforce our already strict sanitation, handwashing, and health and wellness policies for our employees, we implemented the following measures to keep our customers and team members safe:   

  • Enforcing social distancing;
  • Continuing our industry leading sanitization processes;
  • Supplying all restaurants with touch-free thermometers and implementing procedures to screen each team member before they begin their shift;
  • Providing face masks for team members, along with guidance to ensure they are used safely and effectively; and
  • Installing Plexiglas counter-top shields that provide an additional barrier between team members and customers in restaurants that are open for carryout or dine-in.


Our Core Values

The Core Values of ChefDave Intercontinental Restaurant is what we believe to be the foundation of our organization. We believe they are the organizing principles that provide us with the vision and guidance needed to continually strive for the Success of our organization and our People. Our Core Values not only describe what is important to us, they also identify the desired behaviors we ask of our team members every day.

These Core Values are based on the dream Dave Kurt had to build an organization with strong principles and Family Hospitality in mind. Dave’s vision was to “treat everyone in a warm, friendly, genuine manner, as you would Family”. A vision built in 2020 and one which still holds true today.

These values make a difference with all of our ChefDave Intercontinental Restaurant team members.

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This biggest mistake home cooks make is not seasoning things properly. Most chefs will season with salt at least 3 times, once before cooking, once during cooking, and a final adjustment when serving. 


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The food is excellent, generous portions and great prices. The service was fast and friendly. I highly recommended it if you’re in the Wellfleet area.


Dave Kurt

Founder / Head Chef

James Lee

Co-Founder / Chef