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The food is excellent, generous portions and great prices. The service was fast and friendly. I highly recommended it if you’re in the Wellfleet area.

We like to go to The Fairway every time we come to the Cape. The food is always delicious! This is the first year we could make reservations (probably due to spacing because of the virus). Our waitress, Casey, was great!

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Fresh From the Grill

All Meats Are Served with House Pickles

Spaghetti with Grilled Mackerel

50 د.إ

Since fresh sardines are hard to find, we used mackerel for this delightful variation on the Sicilian pasta con le sarde (pasta with sardines).

Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce

57 د.إ

Its primary ingredients include soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, honey and mirin. The word teriyaki refers to both a Japanese cooking technique as well as to the sauce.

Grilled Salmon Fillet with Salad

38 د.إ

Salmon skin salad is a simple salad of mixed baby greens and vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes, all topped with crisp or chewy grilled salmon skin.

Chicken Nuggets with Potato

30 د.إ

Invented in the 1950s, chicken nuggets have become a very popular fast food restaurant item, as well as widely sold frozen for home use.

Grilled Mackerel Steak

45 د.إ

The whole family loves this simple grilled mackerel dish, with its crispy, smoky skin, and juicy, flavourful flesh. It’s so easy to make and really delicious! .

Grilled and Fried Chicken

25 د.إ

Fried chicken has been described as being “crunchy” and “juicy”, as well as “crispy”. The dish has also been called “spicy” and “salty”. Occasionally, fried chicken is also topped with chili like paprika, or hot sauce to give it a spicy taste.

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Every Thursday, 4PM – 7PM

They All Love Our Food

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"Most amazing I ever had!!"
- Bryan G
"Amazing taste, and juicy steaks!! Best ever!!"
- Laura Petracio
"I always visit here, and they always surprise me."
- Harold Z
"A must visit for every steak lover"
- Laura Petracio